Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Post from Manjiri Bhadur

The post below is from Manjiri Bhadur. A fellow blogger, I have had the opportunity to work with her in the past and she is a person whose views i admire greatly. The post below is from her blog: and is in reference to the recent rape of a TISS students by six of her "friends". Read the blog below and spread the message. We need to now stand up against all such atrocities against women.

"I am thinking what's the point of latent anger. When a heinous crime takes place we have to hit back where it hurts. What is the biggest weapon a rapist uses after the rape is long over? Emotional and mental degradation. We need to turn the table now. We need to make sure that it is the abuser and not the abused who is shamed. How can we as a society do that?

1. Let us spread the names of the accused and their pictures through all sources on the net

2. Let us flood the newspapers with mails and put pressure to have these 'students' suspended from their colleges till the matter is being investigated

Another weapon that the accused will use will be to exploit the justice system and keep the case in abeyance till it fades from the public memory. let us fight that. The accused belong to business families right? Then let us find out what businesses their families run and call for a ban on the products or services that they offer. Do that till the decision is delivered.

Any other ideas? Let us give it back. Here are my suggestions:

Writing samples: Parker 75

1. find out the missing details and fill them in
2. spread the word by forwarding this message
3. add to it by writing on your blogs and mails

Let this reach a cresecendo. make sure they don't get away with it."


  1. I wonder why no body commented on this post..but it seriously touched my heart.

  2. Amazing post- I agree to all the things said..these leaches deserve nothing less than death penalty, life imprisonment in India is a joke..everything here is a joke if u belong to some rich family..



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