Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do I have your Attention?

Another fall-out of the immense number of people crowding every profession is Attention Seeking Behavior (ASB). You’ll see various versions of this ASB in your office itself. Look around, we all know that drama queen & the busy bee.

The urge is to set themselves apart, and at the same time have everyone applaud them.

Such behavior generally has roots in early childhood. Either the kid fails to develop a sense of self-worth & constantly seeks approval from others; at other times it may be an only child who never matures. Provided with undiluted attention from parents (authority) they seek the same everywhere. This is not to say that all single kids are mal-adjusted, I know some very selfless, caring people who are only kids.

There are different kinds of ASB. I can already identify a few types in the people I meet daily:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Can you keep a secret?

The Secret ShowImage via Wikipedia
A lot of us are shocked at the sudden spate of suicides by housewives. We wonder why they didn’t share their sorrows with their friends. Why did they bottle up all that anger & grief, till it became too much for them to handle?

But is it really that easy to share secrets with people these days?

People share secrets to others to as a declaration of their trust, importance and that they recognize them as their close friends. Additionally, people share secrets to strengthen the bond, to make the relationship tighter and closer. Give & Take, I’ll tell you my secret, if you tell me yours.

Sometimes we just share secrets to unload the burden, to have someone to talk to.


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