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Darwin, Faith & Slippery Eels

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While on my way to work i recently read an article on theories of evolution - one of them is Creationism.

One that is opposed to Darwin's Theory - Evolutionism. You know it, the same one that we descended
from Monkeys and Monkeys from older marsupial animals and they from tiny mammals the size of rats
and so on till we reach the single cell and the first DNA double helix. Throw in a reptile relative to
explain our old reptilian brain connection and there you have it - Homo Sapiens.

Creationism says, "Animals and Plants now are exactly as they were at the dawn of time." and has provided proof for his theory in his book.

Which ever theory you choose to believe in is your prerogative. I, for example, believe in neither. I
believe in the Intelligent Design Theory. You can read up on that on wiki if interested.

what differs between followers of all 3 theories.

They all chose to believe in something.

Without actual proof.

Most people who believe in Darwin do so because his theory sounds, feels, seems logical to them.

Majority of them have never laid eyes on the fossils used by him for his observation. Humans err, right?

The same could be said for the theory i believe in. I have not actually met or interacted with this
intelligent cause behind evolution. I have experienced it in the form of events that to slot as coincidences
would be too simplistic. but that is my experience. It could be a perception error. But i have faith in this theory still.

So what is faith?
Faith is the confident belief in the truth of or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing. It is also used for a belief,
characteristically without proof says wiki.
Faith is merely the virtue by which we hold to our reasoned ideas,
despite moods to the contrary.

A lot of people are very dismissive about other people's faith, if it does not fit into their perceived scheme of

Your colleague believes in astrology, you don't. You scoff at his faith.

You need to scoff at his faith, if you are a normal average human being, because acceptance of his faith would
threaten your faith, - that astrology is humbug.

Yes, you can say there is no proof to prove it, maybe there is proof that you refuse to see, or are simply unaware

So we have now understood another theory of faith, that is, in order for your faith to be valid you will have to
reject all faiths that contradict yours.

If you are a tolerant human being, then you may even revel in being exposed to different points of view. It can be
a very enriching experience that allows us to experience life, the universe more deeply.

Which is also fine. As long as we potter around in our little mental cottage, re-arranging and slotting things as per
our beliefs.

But what happens when either your faith overpowers you so much that anyone who does not belong to the same
faith becomes a human not worthy of the same rights as you,

Or your faith is so weak that it derives strength from proving other's are wrong and inferior.

That is when we have communal riots. That is when we have mass genocide. That is when we have the holocaust.

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  1. jst read up on Intelligent design theory- def interesting. I personnally lean more towards Darwin's th, coz lik u said it seems to be more logical- bt evn then we hav to be tolerant and respect others opinions, we cannot force our choices on others and be blindly guided by faith..that jst leads to some so-called leader brainwashing others and then there r riots.. we shld co exists and giv space to eachother as individuals..

  2. Forgot to mention..Nice post..!!



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