Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy you?

We all know these people.

People who love to tear others apart to shreds.

They are the ones who look at you up and down. They are the ones who will dig up your past, scrutinize you till they find something they can make fun of, spread around, bitch.

Once in a while of us are guilty of the above behavior. We all know that one peevish person who can do no right in our eyes. For most, it is their boss, for others it is their peer.

But there are some who know no such boundaries. Nobody is spared their relentless barrage of “Did you see how he/she did that task?”…

What makes these outwardly highly confident, well-off individuals indulge in such behavior?

Most individual say that it is Low intrinsic self-confidence but I would like to bring out another point that sometimes it may also arise from an inflated sense of self-worth or a Desire to wrestle power.

Which is why you will find apparently rich, well-educated individuals who you think lack nothing in life indulging in such behavior.

And the underlying motivations seem to be
  • Because of the equation between power and gossip, a lot of people indulge in it to "appear to be useful and important" than they actually are.
  • to assert their importance and power within a group - basically acting like a Big Brother - but from the sidelines.
  • No one can be better than me, I am perfect, but you are not. And my superior intelligence detects your flaw.
  • You are of no use or significance to me and can never be, I need not establish cordial relations with you.
  • Look at my background, and my pedigree. I have the natural authority to rule over you.
How do you deal with such people.. well i for one, turn away from them. Such people tend to sap the energy out of me with their mindless talk.

The disadvantage with that approach is that you risk falling out of the information loop, these informal sessions also carry bits of grain of truth in them, becoming a social outcast (esp if you are surrounded by a lot of people like these) as well as the risk of being the topic of conversation yourself!

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  1. Hav come across such ppl, bt they were not that extreme in their was limited to spreading others' secrets, gossiping, etc..
    I think they do this coz they hav a huge ego bt nothing worth of significance in their own life to talk about and so consume their whole time talking bout others...

    Best way to deal -I totally agree wid u- Ignore, though if they r those popular ppl, u will feel left out

    Gr8 post!!



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