Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning Blahs..

Monday Mornings.. Blah.

We've all felt that way, sometime or other. Even if we are following our passion of drilling into people's teeth or gazing into crystal balls. I am pretty sure some Monday Morning some hangman somewhere would have had a premonition that her/his day was gonna be pretty, well, you get the drift..

Here's a shocker: A recent study shows that while we may feel depressed on Mondays it is Wednesdays when we are actually bound to be in our foulest moods. You can read the study here:

My cow-orker (Ode to Dilbert) and I were discussing why this would be so, other than the Memory Bias explanation given in the article. Here is what we came up with:

1. Being aware of the fact that we might get nasty and try to whack some cow-orker on the head leading to some bad reputation, makes us more guarded in our reactions. In short, if we know we can be tempted, we are on our guard. But on Wednesdays, this guard goes on his weekly trip to the Prancing Ponies, leaving us lonely and hence more likely to give into temptation.

2. Monday Mornings typically don't have us facing too much work, cept on rare cases.. but on Wednesday, work is in full flow.. new projects have been assigned, old projects and bosses are back from their OBE status and pretty much short of Zeus striking you with his thunderblot, you have been hit by crap from all sides

3. Accumulation of sleep depravation. (my personal favorite): on Monday we have faced only one day on waking up early but by Wednesday we have faced three. This would make real crabby, don't know about you though.. Now you would say we should be at our worst on Thursdays and Fridays, see on Thursday we see the glimmer of Friday, and on Friday, well, it is laden with the promise of a sleepy Saturday..

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  1. Guess it depends on the kind of job that u r doing..Mondays in some places hav the most work..I used to hate Monday mornings, afternoons, evenings..

    bt it has a lot to do with what ur work is like,the environment, ur COW- workers!! if u genuinely enjoy it then all days r fine

    Good podt!!

  2. and that guy near the water cooler!LOL...feel really bad for him!!!!



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